bike rides – villages near hua hin thailand part2

The second part of a ride through villages south-west of Hua Hin in Thailand. Farms, people, lots of motorbikes and even some luxury properties. With the music of Joachim Kuhn, Daniel Humair and Jean Francois Jenny Clark from the album Triple Entente. Great bass line on this one!

bike rides – downtown hua hin part 1

This is a Bike Ride video through downtown Hua Hin in Thailand. I love to hook up a camera of my handle bars and just let it roll. Thsi part of Hua Hin is quite busy with tourists and has several hotels and restaurants.

In this clip, you see me going along the main drag in Hua Hin then turn right into the old town and bike through the harbour with all its shops.

Part 2 is in here:

Stef the Bike Gypsy

zen fish

I find koi carps to be magnificent animals. They possess this wonderful quality which creates peace and tranquility. They’re so completely Zen.

A few months ago, I traveled to Northern Thailand and stayed at this meditation camp for a week. Nestled somewhere between Chiang Mai and Mae Hong Song, the retreat was geared towards contemplation and the Dharma. A large man-made pond provided an environment for dozens of these fish. I had never seen such large and beautiful koi carps before.

I immediately proceeded to snap away but found the making of a good image -in this case- very challenging. The reflections on the surface of the water not only made it difficult to see the fish but also confused the autofocus. Thankfully, koi carps swim very slowly and often come up to the surface in order to feed.

The pond was protected with a combination of glass and opaque material which offered a light checkered pattern with the odd dark wavy “stream”. Manual focus set at a precise distance plus just the right exposure, I just waited for that ONE fish I needed, wanted, prayed for…. That large red, black and white one who kept teasing me… Finally, she gave in and swam at the perfect angle within that dark wave, as if the Universe had conspired with me by providing all the perfect lines and reflections at that instant. Loved it!


akane yobikawa – portrait

Akane Yobikawa is a young ballerina from Tokyo who I met  in the seaside city of Hua Hin in Thailand. I had been commissioned to shoot a cover for the December issue of Ambiance Magazine and thought that Akane would make a great subject.

Akane had gone out the night before and her eyes were paying the price. We went at the beach and I spotted this large rock sticking out of the sand. Although we took several pictures before this one, this was the image which obsessed me for days before the shoot.

Playing violin is her second love… We therefore combined the two and somehow I think it worked out.

Thank you Akane.



Space-O-Dizzy is a show which is performed by 2 dance troups; BFloor from Thailand and Wangnin Bunmei from Japan. I photographed their Hua Hin (Thailand) show in spring 2011. Although I was there first to take images, I quickly became captivated by the quality and scale of this performance. Space-O-Dizzy is based on the challenges of urban life and these guies and girls created something which is beautifully chaotic.

More about  Wangnin Bunmei:
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forest teacher

When I witness nature, as in feeling the power of ocean waves or walking in a forest, the world takes on this whole new dimension. As if all is as it should be. The rather amusing thing is that is shouldn’t feel strange or appear new. Nature exists only in the true state on the “now” with its own set of rules and messy order. A sort of chaotic system which makes sense. When some highly spiritual people talk about the power of the mind or the higher self, they share glimpses of a dimension, a human dimension, which is omni present and available. One of the drawbacks of modern living is that it dulls us from the wonderful energies of the universe.

I took these photographs in a forest while biking through the very edge of northern Thailand, near the border with Burma. For a very brief moment, I felt completely in tune with nature; nothing but the now mattered.

stefan breton


I love to photograph people as they walk.  Street interaction is one of the very few instances in our lives, at least for most of us, where we can physically interact with strangers. Some people have had a job in the same location for 10 or 20 years and have been crossing paths with each other on a daily basis. Yet, most will remain strangers.

In each of these photos, there was something which stuck with me. The Chinese girl whose walking against a yellow background was in a terrible hurry. Nothing so special but the light was perfect, and so were the colours.

What I like about the one with pigeons is the fact that their are pigeons, which work very well with the arrow and the legs of the man in terms of a conceptual composition.

I love the look in the young monk’s eyes… Somewhere in between questioning and surprise. Yet, the older one at the beach completely ignored me as he was rapidly heading back to his temple after the daily collection of offerings called Bindabap in Thailand.

But my favorite is the one of the rice farmer in Northern Thailand. His walk had a quiet and peaceful purpose. Here’s a man who’s in tune with his trade. And I’m quite sure he spotted me!

I often witness this type of scene in Asia… The old and the new. In Thailand at least, it’s not a battle but rather a quiet co-existence. I hope it lasts. This lady never appeared bothered by the traffic or the pollution. She just quietly walked on her way as no driver appeared impatient at her being on the road.

stefan breton