kina grannis in thailand


Kina Grannis was at the 2011 version of the International Hua Hin Jazz Festival in Thailand. She gave a solid performance and remained true to herself by being ever so simple and charming. The crowd just loved her. I think we’ll see a lot more of this young woman in the future.

akane yobikawa – portrait

Akane Yobikawa is a young ballerina from Tokyo who I met  in the seaside city of Hua Hin in Thailand. I had been commissioned to shoot a cover for the December issue of Ambiance Magazine and thought that Akane would make a great subject.

Akane had gone out the night before and her eyes were paying the price. We went at the beach and I spotted this large rock sticking out of the sand. Although we took several pictures before this one, this was the image which obsessed me for days before the shoot.

Playing violin is her second love… We therefore combined the two and somehow I think it worked out.

Thank you Akane.



Space-O-Dizzy is a show which is performed by 2 dance troups; BFloor from Thailand and Wangnin Bunmei from Japan. I photographed their Hua Hin (Thailand) show in spring 2011. Although I was there first to take images, I quickly became captivated by the quality and scale of this performance. Space-O-Dizzy is based on the challenges of urban life and these guies and girls created something which is beautifully chaotic.

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