The Heart of My Mountain

I made this series of black and white portraits while travelling through Northern Thailand last January. The very last image is my favourite in this series because of the interaction I had with the lady. I love approaching old people… specially really old people and convincing them that they’re truly beautiful.

le Grand Bi – a classic lady

This is indeed a Grand Lady. Launched in 1870, the Grand-Bi is one of the ancestors of the bicycle. Imagine young women, wearing long dresses and large hats, trying to make that huge wheel turn by pushing that tiny crank!

I found this one at an antique dealer in Hua Hin. The owner was more than happy to have me photograph it on the street in front of his shop.


akane yobikawa – portrait

Akane Yobikawa is a young ballerina from Tokyo who I met  in the seaside city of Hua Hin in Thailand. I had been commissioned to shoot a cover for the December issue of Ambiance Magazine and thought that Akane would make a great subject.

Akane had gone out the night before and her eyes were paying the price. We went at the beach and I spotted this large rock sticking out of the sand. Although we took several pictures before this one, this was the image which obsessed me for days before the shoot.

Playing violin is her second love… We therefore combined the two and somehow I think it worked out.

Thank you Akane.


forest teacher

When I witness nature, as in feeling the power of ocean waves or walking in a forest, the world takes on this whole new dimension. As if all is as it should be. The rather amusing thing is that is shouldn’t feel strange or appear new. Nature exists only in the true state on the “now” with its own set of rules and messy order. A sort of chaotic system which makes sense. When some highly spiritual people talk about the power of the mind or the higher self, they share glimpses of a dimension, a human dimension, which is omni present and available. One of the drawbacks of modern living is that it dulls us from the wonderful energies of the universe.

I took these photographs in a forest while biking through the very edge of northern Thailand, near the border with Burma. For a very brief moment, I felt completely in tune with nature; nothing but the now mattered.

stefan breton