This is Part 2 of the Downtown Hua HIn Bike Ride.

In this video, I bike out of the main tourist area and go along the central market and then back on the main road.

You can view Part 1 here:

A 7 minute bike ride through Kao Tao in Thailand. Kao Tao is a lovely fishing village about 10 kms south of Hua Hin in Thailand.

A 2 minute bike ride in the country side near the town of Pranburi in Thailand. The sound is very windy for some reason… It was a fantastic day maybe one hour before sunset.

A short bike ride through the village of Takiab, just south of the famous seaside resort town of Hua Hin, in Thailand. Takiab is a quaint village which attracts seasoned travelers.

Highway riding in Thailand. Actually very good since all highways where bikes and motor bikes are allowed have a reserved section on both sides for cyclists. Thai motorists are for the most part very patient and cordial. I’ve bike through out this beautiful country and only Bangkok elevated highways were scary. Thailand is amazing on a bike! Shops everywhere, good food everywhere, guesthouses everywhere, smiles everywhere… the Bikegypsy

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