Love thy bike

Currently living in London there was a time when I was born and raised in a small country town in New Zealand’s lush landscape.  Not much happens in my home town, but my arrival on earth certainly caused some drama… born with a Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia I found myself being rushed immediately onto a plane and flown to a hospital in the city of Auckland.

I was very lucky to survive the major surgery that I desperately needed and as a reminder I have been left with only one lung to breathe with and a permanent scar nearly the width of my chest.

Living with one lung has always caused me to find physical activity a challenge, however, everything and anything seems possible when you are growing up in a small town and like a friend, cycling came along and welcomed me showing me what was physically possible.

As an adult I have also been faced with the challenge of dealing with cancer (a few too many times), but I haven’t let this stop me from getting out and enjoying life.

I love cycling, it seems to be one of the few activities I can do without tiring too quickly.  I know I will never be a top athlete, but this doesn’t stop me from giving things a try.  I love the fact that cycling continues to give me a sense of freedom and the opportunity to explore a whole new world outside of my local surroundings… and if I can cycle up a mountain then I am over the moon with joy!

I hope you enjoy following my cycle journeys – I have so many more to come!

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