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Dun Briste, Downpatrick head Co. Mayo.

I have often driven through Ballycastle Co Mayo and looked out at this magnificent sea stack but never had the time to go and see it so the other day I decided it was time.  Its called Dun Briste, which means broken fort.  I’m not sure if its got anything to do with the promintory fort on the cliffs themselves.  Its estimated to be 50 meters in height and stands 80 meters off shore.

The light on that day wasn’t great and it was blowing a gale on shore so I was out early this morning (5 am!) and the light was beautiful.  The location is so spectacular but if you suffer from vertigo it might be a little nerve racking!  This was one of the first shots I took, I have a couple of others that I will process and put up in…

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Thai Shops Part 2

More of the crazy obsession I have with shops in Thailand. In this series, one image was captured in Phayo, a little know town on a lake in the northern part of country. THe rest were all taken in Chiang Mai.

A lonely customer sitting and eating late at night in a restaurant on Suthep road in Chiang Mai

A barber working on a customer in Chiang Mai

A woman working late nights in her very popular noodle shop in Chiang Mai

A woman working in her food shop in Chiang Mai

A toy shop at the famous Jay Jay market in Chiang Mai

A Buddha shop at Jay Jay market in Chiang Mai

A shoe shop in Phayo near Chiang Mai