On the Edge

VeiledWomanVaranasi-D70_5934Yes she’s shy, like so many women in India are. In a 2 by 3 meter brick and dirt cubicle, she lives with her husband and 3 children. There’s no door. On the floor there’s a thin mattress where the 5 sleep. They quibble with the neighbors for space and for no other reason other than to express their frustrations. Yet, a huge fighting spirit resides in the heart of this woman, and she’s proud of the tea she makes for me. I ask her to pose for a photo… I’m intruding her space but I can see that this brings a moment of happiness amidst her life of struggles. Instinctively, like so many women do, she covers her smile with her hands. I’m stunned by the beauty in her eyes. Her husband asks her to bring them down, but I stop him. I want her like this. This is the moment… Disarmed and innocent. She’s perfect. When you live on the edge, the only thing that matters is now.

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