A Mumbai Train


Dave is right… It’s the guy on the left who makes the image. Neha, my charming airbnb host, believes it’s the guy standing, but he’s the bass, not the lead. BTW, Dave is a girl with a boy’s name, and she’s not a girl but a young woman who works as an editor for India’s largest daily. Ten minutes before, the 2 inseparable friends stumbled into the flat; it’s only 9, they’re already drunk and giggling uncontrollably. I took the foto earlier that day in Mumbai’s urban train as it was nearing Andheri station. My station. Andheri (west) is where Neha lives with her boyfriend in a slick apartment dating from the 30s or 40s. The lights are low and we sit on the floor. I sip red wine and the girls argue over where I should buy a piece of leather for my new leather bike grips that came with fake leather from Taiwan. We listen to the Orb and venture to the window sill every 10-15 minutes to smoke that cigarette. The two share panda eyes… ‘I stay up every night and smoke and giggle eyes’. Knackered, Neha vanishes into her bedroom… Dave stays behind a few minutes then retires; I told you, the two are inseparable. I’m left looking at my images; a Mumbai night finally cools, some red wine left in the bottle and there’s the window sill, waiting to be finished.

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