forest teacher

When I witness nature, as in feeling the power of ocean waves or walking in a forest, the world takes on this whole new dimension. As if all is as it should be. The rather amusing thing is that is shouldn’t feel strange or appear new. Nature exists only in the true state on the “now” with its own set of rules and messy order. A sort of chaotic system which makes sense. When some highly spiritual people talk about the power of the mind or the higher self, they share glimpses of a dimension, a human dimension, which is omni present and available. One of the drawbacks of modern living is that it dulls us from the wonderful energies of the universe.

I took these photographs in a forest while biking through the very edge of northern Thailand, near the border with Burma. For a very brief moment, I felt completely in tune with nature; nothing but the now mattered.

stefan breton

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