Cycling with a cold – Should I, shouldn’t I?

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Snot Rocket Cyclist Man flu has struck. Throat sore and voice hoarse, snot streams from my nose at a rate bettered only by the Falls of Niagara. Man down. Or is he? Should I cycle with a cold? A common cold, at that, not one of them posh ones. I can still cycle, right? All I need to do is turn the pedals, how hard can that be? Sure, it’s nice and toasty beneath my duvet but I’ll soon warm up out there in the wet and windy world, non? And yet I’m reluctant.

Should I cycle with a cold?

Research and doctors agree the old wives’ tale quoted below is actually a good barometer to the age old question of whether you should exercise when ill. Throat a little sore when you swallow? Talk less on the ride and get those legs pumping! Got a little sniffle and a weak cough? Get out there you wuss! Chest…

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Man Cycling In A Tiny Spherical World

Jonas Ginter, a German journalist, created this fun video of himself on a bike as well as a car. Because of the fish-eye effect, he looks as if he is biking on a tiny planet. He created this video using a series of Go Pro cameras mounted on his bike and car.



Early spring riding in Alaska’s rugged Chugach Mountains on a fat bike uncover the “alien icescapes of Knik Glacier” east of Anchorage. Second place winner by Anna Edmonds.

2_Anna_Edmonds_1 The complete list of the 5th Annual Photo Contest Winners | Adventure Cycling Association.

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Brilliant Revolights


A short but accurate review of the Revolights by Joe Cruz on his fantastic bike blog

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(Photo by M. Coady)

Revolights makes an innovative set of lights for seeing and being seen while commuting. They mount on the wheels just below and outboard of the rims, and illuminate from in front and behind as the wheel rotates. This is achieved by the LED’s that are at any moment in front of the front wheel or in back of the back wheel turning on, and then turning off through the rest of the rotation.

Installation required concentration and patience for the first wheel, and was then a breeze for the second. I enjoyed the meditative aspect of it. And then, the results! The lights brightened the night literally for me and metaphorically for dozens of not-easily-impressed New Yorkers. One group called out “Tron!” Another guy on a bike: “Speedracer!” And uncountable numbers of “cool,” “those are amazing,” “I love those,” and “Wow!” Strangers took photos, groups of onlookers…

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Moon XP1500 Bike Light Review

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With the nights at their longest and winter unrelenting its grip on the weather it’s always important to be safe when you’re out on your bike. Be seen and you will be safe, well hopefully. One thing you can guarantee is that with this bike light you will certainly be seen, probably from over a mile away! It really is that powerful.

In the past I have always elected to purchase cheaper bike lights off eBay or from my local bike shop. However I often found that battery life wasn’t very good, they didn’t stand up to harsher weather, and often the mounts were cheap meaning that the light would fall off and smash on the ground. Fed up with this problem of always having an unsatisfactory bicycle light I got the Moon XP1500 from Argos who also sell a wide range of bicycles. Now this is an expensive light, definitely…

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New York City University Bike Share Opens!

This is not to be confused with the delayed public bike share systems from BIXI. This is a University bike share in the following locations that is very inexpensive with 75 bikes and 10 locations!


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